2018 Summer Term Astrology Talks in Brighton

Chairman Julian Venables has great pleasure in announcing our Summer term 2018 programme of evening talks in Brighton.

Please arrive at the Cornerstone Community Centre Hove from 7.30pm onwards for a 7.45pm start and  9.15pm finish. See map>

April 4th: Rare Event-Mars Retrograde in 2018 – Aquarius and Capricorn

A Talk by Pam Carruthers

Pam Carruthers

Pam Carruthers

Mars only goes retrograde every 2 years, 2 months so it can catch us unawares.  Retrograding in Aquarius is rare – it only happened twice in the last century – in 1924 and 1971. As a result there are very few people born with Mars retrograde in Aquarius. Pam will look at the charts of three examples – Lauren Bacall (famous movie star whose affair with Humphrey Bogart started when she was just 19), David Walliams (comedian and best-selling author of children’s books) and Martin Freeman (Sherlock and the hobbit in Lord of the Rings).

In 2018 this retrograde period lasts for approx. 2 months, and it will have an important effect on all zodiac signs, especially Aquarius Sun sign and Aries and Scorpio who are ruled by Mars. Mars is the god of war, so can cause trouble when retrograde. New plans may backfire or we can lose our drive to succeed. We can become tetchy and lose our temper if we aren’t aware of the implications of this period.

What needs to come into conscious awareness? Be prepared and find out the key dates when anger issues can boil over.

To prepare for this talk, look back to 1971 to recall what was happening in your life. Mars was in Aquarius from 4th May 1971 until 7 November 1971. One significant event was John Lennon releasing the album Imagine in the US. The track Imagine became Lennon’s signature song and was written as a plea for world peace.

Pam Carruthers is a qualified professional Vedic and Western astrologer. She works from a spiritual perspective and is a student of A Course in Miracles. An experienced Spiritual Life Coach and Trainer leading workshops since 2000, Pam helps clients discover the hidden patterns that are holding them back in their lives. A consultation with her is a life enhancing and healing experience. Pam specialises in exploring the nodal axis in the birth chart and its connection to a past life where your soul level gifts were blocked.

She facilitates an online course entitled The Planets Within. It’s for beginners and those who wish to deepen their knowledge. The next course starts on April 16th and there are just 2 spaces available. Based in Hove, Pam has an international clientele working 1-1 or online. Subscribe for her free webinars on astrology. Contact her via her website www.healingstars.com


April 18th: Past Life Clues In the Birth Chart

A Talk by Phoebe Wyss

Phoebe Wyss

Phoebe Wyss

As every astrologer knows, the birth chart accurately mirrors the personality of its owner. But where did it come from? Are we somehow imprinted at birth with the patterns the planets make at that moment? Or was our birth triggered at that place and time because we were carrying a patterning in our psyches that resonated with the planetary patterns then present in the sky? Back in the 1980’s, after experiencing a past life regression session as a client, which dramatically revealed to her the meaning of her moon nodes, Phoebe decided to train as a past life regression therapist, and combine this technique with astrology in her work. She started a twenty-year research project into the correspondences between what her clients experienced during their regressions and the patterns shown in their natal charts.

In this talk Phoebe will discuss her findings, and share with you some examples of correlations between the past-life regression protocols and birth charts of some of the clients during these sessions.

Phoebe Wyss is a Hove astrologer with 36 years’ experience of giving consultations, courses and workshops, and is an experienced public speaker. She’s published an astrology board game, two books on the astrological archetypes and her latest book on archetypal astrology and the new scientific paradigm, Inside the Cosmic Mind, was published in 2014. Phoebe is also a qualified past-life regression therapist, and over the last 30 years has combined past life regression work with astrology in her practice. See www.astrophoebe.com


May 2nd: Like Clockwork: Timing in Horary Astrology

A Talk by Wade Caves

Wade Caves

Wade Caves

Horary textbooks cover a lot of theoretical ground, but few really draw out the mechanics involved in assessing cycles to create a solid timeline of events. What techniques are consistently recorded? Are they all equally reliable? Is there a more straightforward approach that can be taken when timing horary figures? This presentation analyses modern and historical horary charts to demonstrate an organic approach to timing that underlines the ongoing cycles speaking to us in horary consultations. It will be suitable for all, irrespective of experience in using horary astrology.

Wade Caves is an astrological consultant, speaker and educator specializing in horary, electional and classical astrological techniques. He is the editor and annotator of the 300th anniversary edition of William Lilly’s History of His Life & Times (Rubedo Press, 2015). Wade received his certification as a horary practitioner from Deborah Houlding’s School of Traditional Astrology (STA) in 2013, and now serves as a faculty member. He is available for consultations at http://wadecaves.com.


May 16th: Your Zodiac Soul: Twelve Gateways to Wholeness. The Journey From Libra to Pisces

A Talk by John Wadsworth

John Wadsworth

John Wadsworth

In this talk John Wadsworth will be continuing his presentation of the zodiac as a wheel of initiation, transformation and healing, concentrating on the last six signs of the wheel. John’s new book, Your Zodiac Soul, has just been published by Orion Spring in March 2018.

Rather than focussing on the zodiac signs as being indicative of twelve personality types, John will present the zodiac as a complete, alchemical emblem of the soul, offering twelve transformational gateways in the ever-turning wheel of life. This idea lay at the heart of the mystery school traditions of ancient Greece and Rome.  Treating the zodiac in the manner of a medicine wheel that we all possess complete and whole within the psyche, John will take us on an journey to restore the power and integrity of its twelve archetypal images and demonstrate how we can engage with the wheel practically and alchemically in our everyday lives.

John Wadsworth became a professional astrologer in 1993, following a profound experience of communion with the night sky, which opened his mind to the poetry of the cosmos and radically altered his worldview. He has been teaching astrology since 2000, running the Kairos School of Astrology in Glastonbury.

He is known as an innovator in the field, engaging with astrology primarily as an experiential practice capable of facilitating profound healing and transformation, and is the founder of “The Alchemical Journey”, a contemporary zodiac mystery school, based in Glastonbury. This work forms the basis of his book, “Your Zodiac Soul”, published in March 2018.  John holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy & Astrology from Bath Spa University. He also teaches night-sky astronomy and runs a mobile planetarium for schools.


June 6th: “The Harmony of the World” – Astrology’s Ancient Connection with Music

A Talk by James North

James North

James North

Why did the renaissance Italian philosopher Marsilio Ficino play Orphic hymns upon a lyre? Why did magicians and Hermetic philosophers study the correspondences between the 7 planets of traditional astrology, and the 7 main notes of the scale? And why have so many musicians incorporated astrology and mathematics into their compositions? This talk charts the mutual influence of music and cosmology in the West, from ancient Greeks to the present day. We will also listen to some music influenced by astrology, as well as demonstrations of planetary tones and modes.

James North is a writer, teacher and musician based in Glastonbury. He has trained in several esoteric traditions and teaches courses in Hermetic philosophy and practical Qabalah. His introduction to Mystery wisdom came through discovering astrology at a young age around the same time he began studying music. This led to a lifetime’s quest to investigate the links between mathematics, mysticism and music. James has a particular interest in reminding musicians, astrologers and other sacred philosophers of their shared heritage, and in bringing the wisdom of the stars back into music. He is currently researching the lost art of sacred chanting in Western ritual.


June 20th: Uranus in Taurus, 2018-2026

A Talk by Julian Venables

Julian Venables

Julian Venables

The planet of awakening has now moved into Taurus the sign of the placid Bull, where it stay for the next 7 years.

Julian will look at historical transits of Uranus in Taurus as well as predict what will happen during its visit this time around. Come along if you’d like to know what will happen in your chart as well as have an understanding of what might happen in the world.

Julian Venables is a Hove astrologer with a Faculty Diploma. He writes daily horoscopes on www.uinterview.com and has just published his first novel ‘The Astrologer’s Apprentice’. His website is www.julianvenables.co.uk


July 4th: Weighed in the Balance and Found Wanting

A Talk by Roy Gillett

Roy Gillett

Roy Gillett

As the Capricorn outer-planet stellium builds, to be reinforced by Uranus’ ingress into Taurus, the range of failings in our current world system will grow more and more. Roy will take stock of examples to date, then put all this in its epic hundreds, even thousands-of- years context.

Roy Gillett B.Ed (Hons Ldn), a student of Tibetan Buddhism and President of The Astrological Association, has been a full-time astrologer and consultant since 1976. He has been an astrology software adviser since 1988, is an astro-finance researcher and an international conference speaker.  Roy has published mundane forecasts from 1978, writing The Astrological Journal’s “Working with the Planets” column since 2002. His books include Astrology and Compassion the Convenient Truth; Economy, Ecology and Kindness and The Secret Language of Astrology. Published in 2017 his Reversing the Race to Global Destruction uses astrology to question and correct contemporary economic, educational and political assumed ‘truths’ and visualise a happier world.


July 18th: Planetary Wealth Indicators in the Chart

A Talk by Theo Naicker

Theo Naicker

Theo Naicker

In this talk, we will explore the topic of wealth, income and being rich, and the differences  in approach from an astrological analysis point of view. We will also investigate how each planetary archetype can contribute to wealth. We will end the talk by looking at one of these examples –  obtaining wealth through the astrological Sun.

Theodore Naicker was born in Durban, South Africa in 1987. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering and has worked in the Oil and Gas Industry for several years. Theo is a professional practicing astrologer with an approach encompassing an ever-growing understanding and application of both Western Tropical Astrology and Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). He obtained a Diploma in Medieval Astrology (Robert Zoller) in 2012 and completed a Diploma in Astrological Studies (Rod Suskin) in 2014. Theo has since furthered his knowledge through additional certification, courses, personal research, and client work. He has given talks internationally, including the 2016 Breaking Down the Borders Conference. He is currently studying Sanskrit etymology as part of ongoing intensive studies in Vedanga  Jyotish and creating lecture video series and articles on specialised topics in astrology. Theo also presents regular podcasts with holistic partners Ecstatic Existence in the USA and partners in the UK, and feature videos with Circle of Divine Astrology in the UK. His presentation is based upon a strong foundation in traditional astrology, combined with modern techniques resulting in a pragmatic approach to astrology for the client.