4 August: The Astrological Neptune – the Ancient Cult of Water

Brighton Astrology Circle would like to invite you to join us on 4 August 2021 for: “The Astrological Neptune – the Ancient Cult of Water” Virtual Astrology Talk via Zoom.

Please note: we have a new starting time – 7:15 PM

4 August: The Astrological Neptune – the Ancient Cult of Water

A Virtual Talk with Cate Reidy 

Cate Reidy
Cate Reidy

Astrologically, Neptune is traditionally associated with the element of water, the sign of Pisces and also the 12th house.  However, in studying a horoscope, we consider its watery presence in any one of the houses and signs, and weigh up its influence on various planets, angles, nodes and other sensitive degrees within the birth-chart.  In doing so, we discover how Neptune has a full range of metaphorical presentations, from that of a wellspring, a fast moving current, and even a flood.  And, during those times of personal transition when previous structures in our lives are plunged into deep waters, the experience of just ‘holding one’s head above water’ is a common one.  Afterwards, such structures end up dissolved, cleansed or washed away, by which time, a sensitivity to new insights – frequently communicated in our dreams – have been ushered in, along with a tidal change and possibilities of new beginnings.   During this talk, Cate will consider the ancient ‘Cult of Water’ – a spiritual tradition rich in symbolism, still relevant for today – and how we might understand Neptune’s presence within the horoscope from both psychological and spiritual perspectives.

Cate Reidy is a psycho-spiritual astrologer with a special interest in transpersonal transitions including awakenings.  Having originally trained in traditional, psychological, and transpersonal approaches, her long-held interest in this branch of Astrology, stems from many years experience of working in mental health, homelessness projects and addiction treatment settings, as well as in private practice.  And further, from many years exploring archetypal patterning communicated in dreams; inherited patterns in family histories, and pre-rebirth narratives.  Cate’s approach reflects sensitivity to spiritual/mental/emotional challenges occurring during those times when the ‘emerging self’ awakens. She has a deep respect for the creative resources underpinning each individual’s patterning and their inbuilt capacity to regulate their own well-being.  In addition to her astrological work, she is a Jungian Sand Play practitioner, a director at Spiritual Crisis Network (SCN), and a Folklorist – a member of the Folklore Society.   She is currently undergoing sensitivity training at the College of Psychic Studies in London – a work in progress and a privilege.   For more information, visit:  www.catereidy.uk

Date: Wednesday 4 August 2021

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