2017 Autumn Term Astrology Talks in Brighton

Chairman Julian Venables has great pleasure in confirming the speakers for 2017 Autumn term Astrology talks in Brighton

Arrive at 7.30pm for the Autumn Term evening talks which begin at 7.45pm-9.15pm. The venue is the Cornerstone Community Centre Hove. See map>

September 6th: The progressed Lunar Declination Cycle

Ema Kurent
Ema Kurent

A Talk by Ema Kurent

Declination or ‘the other dimension’ as it has been called since the original research done by late Kt Boehrer, has remained a neglected astrological technique, but it’s extremely important and useful. A careful observation of the progressed Moon, measured in declination, shows that many major life cycles and changes can be traced to the lunar ‘wave’. The progressed chart, measured in declination, is a forecasting technique which can be extremely helpful to every practitioner.

This talk is suitable for beginners.

Ema Kurent (DFAstrolS, QHP, CMA, ISAR CAP) from Ljubljana, Slovenia, has been a professional astrologer since 1989. She is busy consulting, teaching, writing and researching. She specializes in traditional and predictive astrology. She is the head of the Slovenian Astrological Academy Stella (an ISAR affiliated school) and author of bestselling books Sonce in Luna (The Sun and the Moon — 144 zodiacal combinations), Lunin vodnik (Moon Guide, a yearly publication), Horarna astrologija (Horary Astrology) and of nine teaching manuals (in Slovenian). Her articles have appeared in journals worldwide. She writes regular astrological columns in the Slovenian press, has had several TV and radio presentations on astrology and has spoken and held workshops at numerous international conferences – in Slovenia, Serbia, England, Poland, USA, South Africa and India. Her websites are www.emakurent.com and www.astroakademija.si, email address is ema.kurent@gmail.com.

September 20th: The Wolf You Feed (Saturn in natal and by transit)

Alex Trenoweth
Alex Trenoweth

A Talk by Alex Trenoweth

Imagine if you had been the parent or teacher of John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer.  Could your intervention have turned these brutal human beings into normal and loving ones? Frustrated by the “one size fits all” mentality of the educational system, astrologer Alex Trenoweth challenges the idea that certain people are born to be evil and instead points to better invention and investment of resources to people who need it the most.  Drawing from her extensive research into child development and astrology, Alex presents several case studies of time twins and offers possible solutions to the growing problems of prison mentality in children and directly provokes key givens in our education, social work and prison systems.

Alex Trenoweth  was voted “Best International Astrologer of the Year, 2015”  by Krishnamurti Institute of Astrology for her original and innovative presentation on Astrology and Education.  Both a practicing teacher and astrologer, Alex’s research is an exciting development in astrology as it combines classroom teaching experience, sound research and the potential to have a positive impact on struggling adolescents, parents and fellow teachers. She is the author of  Growing Pains  and  The Wolf You Feed  and many articles on her website www.alextrenoweth.com

October 4th: Who goes there? Doryphory (planets which rise before & after the Sun)

Trav Travers
Trav Travers

A Talk by Trav Travers

Doryphory (aka spear-bearers or attendants) is a term to describe any planet rising or setting before the Sun and Moon. Although the sun and moon were considered to be the agents of destiny in the birth chart, ancient astrologers knew that these attending planets influenced the native’s fortunes in life and helped to shape our destiny of the two great lights in the sky. Doryphory gave the native powerful influence and status.

Trav Travers has been running his traditional astrology group “The Astrological Explorers” for several years, based in Sussex, looking at Natal, Mundane, Electional and Horary astrology through the ages, based on traditional source texts. His interest in astrology originally started in childhood. A devotee and advocate of traditional astrology since 1990, Trav has studied with many well known traditional astrologers. He holds workshops, lectures and talks and still ‘does charts’.

October 18th: Quantum Physics, The Vedas & Astrology

Sona Sachdeva
Sona Sachdeva

A Talk by Sonal Sachdeva

Jyotish, in Sanskrit, translates as ‘shining light’. Its etymological meaning is giving the Light of knowledge from the Sun. Literally, to become ‘illuminated’ with the gift of foresight. This is the special power of Sun God Savitur to see beyond what is.

Jyotish or Hindu Astrology forms a minor yet significant part of the ‘Vedas’ which are among the oldest Sanskrit scriptures and have survived for over 5,000 years. The origin of this sacred wisdom is said to have been received by the ancient sages in the form of ‘knowing’. without any kind of human intervention.

Its basis of instruction is on sound and vibration and phonetics.Hence all Vedantic knowledge is fundamentally based on sound. While the Western Civilization is Solar/Sun or Light based. Thus, the roots of Eastern philosophy and specifically the wisdom of the Vedic Tradition,differs markedly from the Western one.

Long before Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung gave us foundations of Psychotherapy, the Vedas (Vedic Astrology) had already explored the dark, demonic forces lurking within the subconscious mind.

Fascinating Link between Quantum Physics and the Vedas.

Space-time concepts and human consciousness are fully explored in the Vedas and draw remarkable parallels with the metaphysical theories that modern scientists grapple with today.

As Robert Oppenheimer, often called the father of the nuclear bomb, and a significant contributor to the field of quantum mechanics, was clearly enamoured by Vedic literature, declaring that, “Access to the Vedas is the greatest privilege this century may claim over all previous centuries.”

From simple Astrological concepts to multi universes to Quantum Physics, we will explore all these through the lens of the ancient sacred Vedas.

November 1st: The Starseeds & New Age power (The Fixed Stars Part 1)

Julian Venables
Julian Venables

A Talk by Julian Venables

Julian presents the first in a series of lectures introducing you to the Fixed Stars, the individual stars that make up the constellations & Zodiac signs.

The stars all have different magnitudes (brightness) & grant different gifts and powers to be made aware of.

When new age folk talk of Starseeds and Indigos, what they are really perceiving is the influence of particular stars in a person’s life.

Come and find out which stars do what and how they can also benefit you.

Julian Venables is a Hove astrologer with a Faculty Diploma. He writes daily horoscopes on www.uinterview.com and has just published his first novel ‘The Astrologer’s Apprentice’. His website is www.julianvenables.co.uk

November 15th: The Zodiac as a cosmic matrix

Phoebe Wyss
Phoebe Wyss

A Talk by Phoebe Wyss

This talk follows on from my talk on Quincunxes in June, and we’ll be exploring  other major geometric structures in the zodiac. I’ll show how personality traits arise from the inter-relationships between the dominant archetypes in a chart, and how the links between them (the aspects) point to our main life issues. Newcomers will be introduced to a simple way to approach their charts, while the more experienced may gain a fresh perspective through seeing their charts from the archetypal perspective.

Phoebe Wyss is a Hove astrologer with 35 years experience in giving consultations, courses and workshops and is an experienced public speaker. She’s published an astrology board game, two books on the astrological archetypes and her latest book on archetypal astrology and the new paradigm was published in 2014. See www.astrophoebe.com

December 6th: Medical Astrology- Introduction to Decumbiture

Marcos Patchett
Marcos Patchett

A Talk by Marcos Patchett

Traditional medical astrology enables the astrologer to predict and/or retrospectively analyse medical problems and treatment. With careful consideration it’s possible to identify the source, course and nature of any problems and potentials, whether they lie with the medical practitioner, the treatment, or the patient themselves.

Medical herbalist Marcos Patchett illustrates some time honoured iatromathematical (medical astrology) techniques with consultation charts and case histories from his own client files.

Marcos Patchett is a practising medical herbalist, medical and horary astrologer.  He has practiced at Neal’s Yard remedies’ Therapy Rooms in Covent Garden and Notting Hill, and is currently a clinic supervisor for Middlesex University’s herbal medicine MSc course.   He is particularly interested in real-world practical application of astrology, specialising in medical and horary astrology, which he uses primarily as an adjunct in the treatment of private herbal medicine clients.  Marcos achieved a scholarship to study herbal medicine at Middlesex University in 2001, was awarded the Herb Society’s national ‘Best 3rd year student’ Prize in 2004, graduated from Middlesex in 2005 with first class honours, and received the Elsevier publisher’s prize for herbal pharmacy.  Marcos also gained the London School of Astrology’s Certificate in 2006, since when he has developed his knowledge of traditional astrology through reading, home study, and experience in practice.  Marcos is currently writing his first book, on the medical history and usage of chocolate.


December 20th: Christmas Celebration