2017 Summer Term Astrology Talks in Brighton

Chairman Julian Venables has great pleasure in confirming the speakers for 2017 Summer term Astrology talks in Brighton

Arrive at 7.30pm for the Summer Term evening talks which begin at 7.45pm-9.15pm. The venue is the Cornerstone Community Centre Hove. See map>

April 19th: Profections

sharon knight
Sharon Knight

A Talk by Sharon Knight

Learn a fascinating and easy ancient medieval technique of prediction for each year of life and find out how to apply it to your chart. Be amazed at its simplicity and accuracy.

Sharon Knight is a professional astrologer with more than twenty years experience. She has the Intermediate Diploma from the Faculty and qualified as a QHP with Olivia Barclay. She holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology and is a Fellow of the Association of Professional Astrologers and Chair of the same. Her website is www.astrologersharon.co.uk.

May 3rd: Political astrology – The Election, EU, UK union etc.

robyn ray
Robyn Ray

A Talk by Robyn Ray

In this world of rapid change and uncertainty, as we move from the Great Age of Pisces into the new Age of Aquarius, what sort of World will we now create? What do the coming months offer us and are we able to see the possibilities of the future?

Do we, mankind, hold the key or are we simply flotsam, being pushed along by the current of world events?  What with Brexit, Trump and possibly Le Pen, what more can we expect, in the coming few years and is there something positive to be gained from all this disruption?

Robyn Ray’s interest in astrology began in the eighties.  She spent many years studying with various astrological bodies, gaining her Diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in 1990.

She is one of just a handful of experienced astrologers who also completed a two year Counselling Diploma course with the Faculty of Astrological Studies based on humanistic and transpersonal psychology.  The F.A.S. is widely regarded as one of the foremost teaching bodies for astrologers in the world.

Besides private astrological consultations and ongoing counselling work, Robyn also teaches and runs workshops.  She particularly enjoys supervising regular interpretation groups where the participants bring their own selection of charts. Robyn believes that most people can benefit from learning enough astrology to be able to use their own charts, as a guide to dealing with some of life’s challenges.  In this respect, regular mini courses are arranged for this purpose.

Back in the early nineties, Robyn was one of the first members of the renowned Association of Professional Astrologers International, where she worked for several years as a Council Member and Treasurer.

The APAI awarded Robyn a Fellowship in 2005 in recognition of her contribution to the field of astrology.

May 17th: The Royal Couple~ William and Kate’s synastry

natalie delahaye
Natalie Delahaye

A Talk by Natalie Delahaye

ROYAL ASTROLOGY EXCLUSIVE!  2017 sees the 5th wedding anniversary of the Royal couple William and Kate.

In April 2011, Natalie was asked by one of the royal wedding guests to cast a synastry (relationship) chart for the royal couple, for a wedding present. Now for the first time, Natalie will present to astrologers Kate Middleton’s actual verified birth time horoscope! The Duchess of Cambridge’s natal horoscope has been debated about in astrology circles for a number of years. Natalie will discuss the synastry between Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as looking at Kate’s synastry within the British Royal Family.

Don’t miss this exclusive first!

Natalie Delahaye studied at the Faculty of Astrological Studies London and reached diploma level in 2007.

She is a client based astrologer with a background in Complementary Therapies; specializing in aromatherapy, massage and energy work, which led her to Asia to further her spiritual development.

She believes in helping people reach their true potential and unlock the key to their own healing and empowerment.

She’s made several media appearances including being interviewed live on CNN World News, about the birth chart of Prince George, and also has a regular horoscope slot on a local radio station.

She regularly writes for Infinity Astrology Magazine and has been published in the UK Astrological journal and ivillage.

June 7th: As we head towards Pluto in Aquarius

roy gillett
Roy Gillett

A Talk by Roy Gillett

As Saturn and then Jupiter join Pluto in Capricorn the world faces a major confrontation with reality. Roy’s talk will show we are at a key point in the broad sweep of history.  Dark messages of fanaticism, greed and selfishness from all over the world threaten the planet and our lives upon it. Astrology can reveal the cause and an imminent turning point. It can guide us to use these years realistically and to transform away from disaster in the Aquarian years that follow.

Roy Gillett B.Ed (Hons Ldn), A student of Tibetan Buddhism and President of The Astrological Association, Roy has been a full-time astrologer and consultant since 1976. He has been an astrology software adviser since 1988, is an astro-finance researcher and an international conference speaker.  Roy has published mundane forecasts from 1978, writing The Astrological Journal’s “Working with the Planets” column since 2002.

His books include Astrology and Compassion the Convenient Truth; Economy, Ecology and Kindness and The Secret Language of Astrology. Published in 2017 his Reversing the Race to Global Destruction uses astrology to question and correct to contemporary economic, educational and political assumed ‘truths’ and visualise a happier world.

June 21st: Children’s Charts

A Talk by Sue Merlyn Farebrother, DFAstrolS, MA

Is there a difference in the way an astrologer approaches interpreting a child’s chart, and the astrologer’s approach to an adult chart? After all, a person’s chart reveals personality traits and potential abilities whether the person is under 16 or is an adult. Sue will discuss children’s charts with some examples.

Sue Merlyn Farebrother has been a professional astrologer, lecturer, and tarot consultant for more than 25 years in private practice in London, UK. She teaches astrology for both the Faculty of Astrological Studies (FAS), where she trained, and the London School of Astrology (LSA). She will be lead tutor in a new online astrology school – Academy of Astrology, starting later in 2017.  www.academyofastrology.co.uk She also teaches courses in the tarot for the LSA and elsewhere.

Sue gained a distinction for her Cultural Astronomy and Astrology MA dissertation in 2007. Her beginners book, Astrology Decoded, was published in 2013 by Rider/Random House to critical acclaim and is a Faculty and LSA recommended book. She is currently working on her next astrology book for Rider.

Continuing professional development is important to her, and she has recently finished a Life Coaching course with Wise Goose, having trained as a psychotherapist in Psychosynthesis in the 1980s.


July 5th: The Quincunxes of Love

Phoebe Wyss
Phoebe Wyss

A Talk by Phoebe Wyss

Seeing aspect lines in the horoscope as pathways, our quincunxes appear as narrow, twisted paths that are easily overlooked, and which lead to places we don’t expect. Phoebe will discuss this often neglected but important astrological aspect using the examples of the zodiac quincunxes between the Venus signs of Libra, Taurus and Pisces. She will show how these can be used as keys to some of the most troublesome patterns in our love-life.

Phoebe Wyss is a Hove astrologer with 35 years experience in giving consultations, courses and workshops and is an experienced public speaker. She’s published an astrology board game, two books on the astrological archetypes and her latest book on archetypal astrology and the new paradigm was published in 2014. See www.astrophoebe.com

July 19th: The August Solar Eclipse and the Royal Star Regulus

Pam Carruthers

An Illustrated Presentation by Pam Carruthers

Solar Eclipses mark endings and beginnings. The Moon’s nodes change sign this year and begin their 18 month journey through Leo and Aquarius.  The total Solar Eclipse on 21st August is the first eclipse in this new cycle. It occurs at 28 degrees Leo on the Royal star Regulus,  which happens to be on the ascendant of President Trump.

“The August 2017 eclipse will be the first with a path of totality crossing the USA’s Pacific coast and Atlantic coast since 1918. Also, its path of totality makes landfall exclusively within the United States, making it the first such eclipse since the country’s independence in 1776.” Wikipedia

  • As the Nodes change into Leo and Aquarius what will the August Solar Eclipse signify for leaders and the people?
  • What the Moon’s Nodes represent & Astronomy of Eclipses.
  • The spiritual significance of a Solar eclipse – a portal opens. Where does this occur in your chart?
  • The Vedic myth ‘The Churning of the Oceans’ that explains the deeper meaning of eclipses

Pam Carruthers is a qualified professional Vedic and Western astrologer. She works from a spiritual perspective and is a student of A Course in Miracles.

An experienced Life Coach and Trainer, Pam helps clients discover the hidden patterns that are holding them back in their lives. A consultation with her is a life enhancing and healing experience. She facilitates a unique transformational workshop ‘Healing your Birth Story’. Vist her website www.healingstars.com