2018 Autumn Term Astrology Talks in Brighton

Chairman Julian Venables has great pleasure in announcing our Autumn term 2018 programme of evening talks in Brighton.

Please arrive at the Cornerstone Community Centre Hove from 7.30pm onwards for a 7.45pm start and  9.15pm finish. See map>

September 5th: Temperament

A Talk by Justin Martin

Justin Martin Astrology
Justin Martin

Our temperament is a fundamental part of who we are and influences everything that we do. A full and accurate delineation of the Birth Chart cannot be achieved until the temperament of the individual concerned is known. It is the positions of the traditional planets in the birth chart that will determine someone’s temperament, while it is the relative strengths and weaknesses of these same planets that tells us how their temperament will be expressed. One very important distinction that Justin will explore is the difference between temperament and personality. They are not the same thing – temperament lies under the domain of the planets while personality lies under the domain of the zodiac signs.

Justin will explore the four temperaments of antiquity (choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine, melancholic) and show how they fit neatly and perfectly into the current scientific view of temperament. He will also explain the difference between the four temperaments and the four elements of fire, air, earth and water. Unfortunately the four temperaments and the four elements have been linked together which has caused enormous confusion – they are not the same thing.

Justin Martin grew up under the clear skies of Arabia which led to a fascination with astrology. Later on the family moved to Peru where he discovered his second passion – butterflies. He worked as a part-time consultant astrologer for ten years whilst living in Bournemouth – fitting this around his full-time career. He firmly believes that the role of astrology is to provide answers and has made many accurate predictions.

September 19th: Picatrix

A Talk by Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell Astrology
Chris Mitchell

Picatrix is a 1000 year old grimoire of astrological magic, originally written in Arabic but translated into Spanish and Latin in the 13th century. Picatrix went on to become a highly influential book in the Renaissance and later – William Lilly was given a copy written by Elias Ashmole. Chris Mitchell will look at this ancient tome and show you how you can find true love, summon demons and forge magical talismans using everyday ingredients such as diamonds and leopard fat. We’ll also have a look at some charts connected to it.

Chris Mitchell is studying for a PhD at the University of Leicester in medieval astrology, and has an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology. He has been actively involved in promoting and teaching astrology for 20 years, and has given talks to groups and conferences in Europe and the US.

October 3rd: Into the Labyrinth of Stars

A Talk by Lynn Bell

Lynn Bell Astrology
Lynn Bell

For millennia, astrology has used the light of the stars to follow the twists and turns of fate – each branch of the art guiding in different ways. As Uranus enters Taurus, jolting the earth, what forces will we encounter at the centre of the labyrinth?

Lynn Bell is a Paris based consulting astrologer, teacher, speaker and author. A long time tutor for the CPA, she is deeply interested in the effects of psyche on people’s lives. She is the 2016 recipient of the Charles Harvey award for Exceptional Service to Astrology. She teaches online for Mispa and Astrology University, and lectures for the LSA as well as conferences and organizations all over the world. She is the author of two books Cycles of Light: Solar Returns and Planetary Threads: Patterns of Relating among Family and Friends. She can be reached at www.lynnbellastrology.com or lynnbell@mac.com

October 17th: Telling Our Personal Story: Astrology as ‘Narrative Medicine’

A Talk by Carole Taylor

Carole Taylor Astrology
Carole Taylor

Each of us has our own unique story and we might say that the power of astrology lies in its capacity to allow this story to be told. As a system of living archetypes within a rational form, the chart is itself a symbol of the art of giving a shape to human passions, much like a sonnet or a play or a painting bounded by a frame.

Narrative medicine is a form of healing which sees the personal story as being at the root of health and illness – and in this context, astrology offers us a truly holistic framework, the chart a meeting place of body, soul and spirit. We will explore the power of myth and the rich and often paradoxical complexities of symbol, the power of planetary cycles which bind together past, present and future, and the ways in which the chart gives a voice to the soul, sets us in the context of our ancestry and enables us to articulate our deepest feelings and experiences.

Carole Taylor is Director of Studies at the Faculty of Astrological Studies, where she has taught for 18 years and contributed extensively to the teaching material. She runs an astrological practice, has co-tutored workshops for ‘Heaven and Earth’ in Bali and Goa and for the Academy of Astrology in China, and holds an MA in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred. For several years Carole was a reflexologist working for the Complementary Health Trust in clinics and hospices.

November 7th: Social Media For Astrologers

A Talk by Marilena Marino

Marilena Marino Astrology
Marilena Marino

Social Media has become a powerful springboard for astrology – with many astrologers building successful practices through the astute exploitation of these novel platforms. Yet, many great astrologers fail to take advantage of a medium used daily by half the world population. Discover the astrological signature behind the top three networks, and learn critical tips to develop your own social media strategy and excel in an increasingly connected world.

Marilena Marino is an astrology writer, speaker, and consultant, with articles featuring in “IAM Infinity Astrology Magazine” and the Astrological Association’s “Astrological Journal”. Marilena is also on the committee of the Astrological Lodge of London, and regularly collaborates with the Astrological Association, most notably on a series of video interviews with leading astrologers for the Association’s YouTube channel. Leveraging her digital marketing experience gained at Channel Four and various digital agencies, Marilena set up www.sparkastrology.com in 2017, already one of the world’s top astrological blogs (according to Feedspot), with a combined following of close to 10,000 users across all social networks.

November 21st: An introduction to Syncretism & Astrology as the divine science of the future

A Talk by Julian Venables

Julian Venables Astrology
Julian Venables

Julian will outline the theory of syncretism, the blending together of different schools of thought or belief systems in order to unite humanity together for the future age.

Astrology can be found in religions and mythologies and through understanding our celestial science we will become unified as One on Planet Earth. The Age of Aquarius really gets going from 2021, and as Syncretism grows so all the different strands of New Age thinking will be drawn into an all-inclusive holistic completeness.

Julian Venables is a Hove astrologer with a Faculty Diploma. He writes daily horoscopes on www.uinterview.com and has just published his first novel ‘The Astrologer’s Apprentice’. His website is www.julianvenables.co.uk

December 5th: Transcending the ashes of the phoenix: Jupiter in Sagittarius 2018/2019

A Talk by Alan Card

Alan Card Astrology
Alan Card

Jupiter’s largess is considered the ‘glue’ that holds societies together.  Its current transit through the realm of the divine archer, Sagittarius, offers humanity a much needed opportunity to heal the philosophical split between the higher and lower elements of mankind’s collective mind. Are we ready to evolve… right now?! Or will the current barbaric religious and political culture clashes continue to intensify globally, driving us dangerously near to the edge of annihilation? Jupiter’s brashly optimistic imperative is saying an emphatic NO! While radical Uranus’ present inspiring transits to the outer planets also seems to promise that there are still many prescient opportunities for us to evolve, to transcend! Yes, Jupiter’s transit of Sagittarius could certainly goad us, dare us, to fully embrace our long promised evolutionary leap!

Alan Card is a Brighton & Hove based astrologer who has been giving readings for 40 years. He wrote the ‘New Insight’ magazine horoscopes for 12 years and also presented a late night Juice Radio astrology phone-in for 8 years. These days he does most of his client work via Skype and in London.

December 19th: Christmas Celebration