2022 Summer Term Astrology Talks in Brighton

Chairman Julian Venables has great pleasure in announcing the Brighton Astrology Circle 2022 Summer term programme of Wednesday evening talks via Zoom. 

20  April: The Houses and Health

A Virtual Talk with Wanda Sellar 

Wanda Sellar
Wanda Sellar

The First House and Sixth House are linked to health respectively the body and sickness.  We’ll be looking at the basic constitution and how to judge its strength and weakness. However, all houses have an influence on the body and health, those conditions making themselves known by the signs and planets therein of course. The traditional and psychological meaning of the houses can sometimes be the underlay to illness. One theory is that most of our illnesses stem from thwarted desires, misconceptions, fears and repressed emotions.

Biography: Wanda Sellar DMS.astrol., Q.H.P., also holds a Diploma in Psychology and Counselling from University of London’s Institute of Education and is keenly interested in the psychology and pathology of the human psyche.  She has also practised as a holistic therapist including aromatherapy and crystal healing. She has written two books on aromatherapy, and her books on astrology include The Consultation Chart, Introduction to Medical Astrology, Introduction to Decumbiture and Chart Shapes: The Code to Interpretation.. She is a past president of the Astrological Lodge of London, its current Vice President and  programme organiser. She is also the editor of the A.A’s Astrology and Medicine Newsletter, a post she has held for 25 years.

4 May: Do You Have What it Takes to Change the World? Astrological Mavericks 

A Virtual Talk with Michael Bartlett

Michael Bartlett
Michael Bartlett

Some of us are walking billboards for the planets. We wear their mark in a way that is simultaneously unseen by us, yet seen by everyone else. If you or someone you know has a planet conjunct one of the birth chart’s angles, this is a big billboard and the mark is not easily washed away.  Planets conjunct the AS/DS and/or MC/IC are super powered archetypal energies expressed in a person’s life. Michael will present observations from research for his book Astrological Mavericks which illustrate the dramatic effects such conjunctions make in an individual’s life and how they impact society and thereby change the world. Surprising examples of both negative and positive expression will be illustrated for the 48 placements for each planet -not just the standard offering of two where sign and house blend. His book covers the 12 signs with 11 planets (includes Chiron!) through the four angles for a total of 528 astrological positions. Join us on 4 May 2022 for a lively and informative talk presenting anecdotal evidence from the lives of numerous mavericks who have and continue to change our world. There will be opportunities for questions and discussion.

Michael Bartlett focuses on traditional and esoteric astrology. His Core Energetic training, highly intuitive nature, three decades of business experience and two decades of astrological wisdom gives him an extensively resourced toolbox he offers to his clients. Author of Astrological Mavericks and AstroTheatre. He offers webinars, workshops, experiential intensives, readings, speaking engagements, teaches classes and is a member of the Board of trustees for Kepler College. He also co-hosts a weekly YouTube show with fellow Aquarian Sun and Scorpio Moon astrologer Merrylin LeBlanc. He offers resources at coremichael.com and can be reached at michael@coremichael.com or 505.690.3860                Facilitating the Change You Seek

18 May: Sacred Astronomy as Taught by our Mysterious Glyphs

Gemini Brett
Gemini Brett

A Virtual Talk with Gemini Brett

The symbols we use in modern times to represent the Signs are veiled vows to the marriage of Heaven and Earth. Though I cannot say when the sign glyphs arrived on our scene, this presentation will reveal them to be undeniable devices of tropical astronomy. As we journey into the shadows of these sigils’ mysteries, we will find fascinating light that shines upon a potential need for us to reframe our zodiacal heritage and, therefore, the very history of astrology.

Gemini Brett’s terrestrial translations of the celestial conversation expressed through the ancient arts of sacred geometry, musical harmony, embodied astronomy, and number magic activate seasoned sages as much as they initiate students new to the cosmic curriculum. He is a world-renowned astrologer, shamanic StarryTeller, and inspiring educator best known for his devotion to reconnecting astrologers with the sacred astronomy of the living sky. Brett’s passion, dedication, and innovation were recently honoured by the Organization for Professional astrology who presented him with the 2020 Orion Award for Outstanding Contribution to Astrology.

Learn more about Brett at GeminiBrett.com


1 June: In Honour of Her Majesty

A Virtual Talk with Pam Carruthers

Pam Carruthers
Pam Carruthers

On the eve of the celebration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pam Carruthers explores the Queen’s chart and key times in her life. With Capricorn rising and Saturn in Scorpio on her midheaven the Queen’s life is dedicated to service. She also has the North Node of the Moon in Cancer conjunct Pluto, so the transits of Pluto are highly relevant.

Key charts will include:

  • The Abdication of her uncle King Edward VIII in December 1936 which propelled her into being second in line to the throne.
  • The chart of King George VI, her father and his sudden death on February 6th 1952 when she become Queen.
  • The chart of the Coronation on June 2nd 1953 when she was anointed and changed from “a woman to a goddess”. It has Regulus the Royal Star rising at the start of the ceremony.
  • The chart of February 6th 2022 and the relevance of the eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio which closely affects both her and Prince Charles’s charts.
  • The Solar Eclipse October 25th 2022 and the Lunar Eclipse on November 8th.
  • Along with the actual eclipses the transiting nodes are of special significance as they transit from 29 degrees Taurus on January 1st to 10 degrees Taurus by the end of the year.

Pam Carruthers is a qualified professional Vedic and Western astrologer. She works from a spiritual perspective and is a student of A Course in Miracles. An experienced Spiritual Life Coach and Trainer leading workshops since 2000, Pam helps clients discover the hidden patterns that are holding them back in their lives. A consultation with her is a life enhancing and healing experience. Pam specialises in exploring the nodal axis in the birth chart and its connection to a past life where your soul level gifts were blocked. She facilitates an online course entitled The Planets Within. It’s for beginners and those who wish to deepen their knowledge. Subscribe for her free webinars on astrology and Key Dates for 2022. Contact her via her website www.healingstars.com

15 June: Encountering the Archetypes in Astrology 

A Virtual Talk with Becca Tarnas

Becca Tarnas
Becca Tarnas

What is an archetype, and how does it relate to astrology? This presentation will introduce the theory of archetypes from a philosophical and psychological perspective, exploring a lineage that extends from Plato in ancient Greece through C.G. Jung in 20th century Switzerland, to the contemporary disciplines of transpersonal psychology, participatory spirituality, and archetypal astrology. Learning to perceive the archetypal principles in the particulars of everyday life can deepen any astrological practice, and be applied methodologically to any branch of astrology.

Becca Tarnas, PhD, is a scholar, artist, and editor of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. She received her doctorate in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), with her dissertation titled The Back of Beyond: The Red Books of C. G. Jung and J. R. R. Tolkien. Her research interests include depth psychology, archetypal studies, literature, philosophy, and the ecological imagination. She teaches at both Pacifica Graduate Institute and CIIS, and is the author of the book Journey to the Imaginal Realm: A Reader’s Guide to J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Becca lives in Northern California, where she has an astrological counselling practice.

***Spring Term Special*** 

Saturday 18 June: Astrology Day with Roy Gillett – The Method and Importance of Mundane Astrology

Details Coming Soon

Announcing our face-to-face meeting of 2022 at the Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove, on Saturday 12th November, 10am – 4pm.


6 July: Lunar Applications and Separations

A Virtual Talk with Israel  Ajose

Israel Ajose
Israel Ajose

The Moon is said to represent our emotions, mother and how receptive we are. While all the above is true, this powerful feminine luminary may have a lot more to say about our lives than that. Moon signs, house placements, aspects, sect, condition and phases all point towards our physical circumstances, experiences and wellbeing in this physical world. In this lecture we will be exploring how the Moon in our natal charts encompasses all of our life’s experiences and stories of past, present and to come.

Israel Ajose D.Psych.Astrol is a dedicated student and teacher of astrology, tarot, and a consultant. He studied and completed full honours in psychological astrology at the centre of psychological astrology in London with Liz Greene. By combining traditional, mediaeval, and psychological and Vedic techniques and methods, he is now a full-time practitioner & teacher of astrology, tarot, philosophical and esoteric teachings. He is currently the President of the Astrological Lodge of London. Much of his studies and practices also include cosmology, mythology, occult sciences, Kabbalah, shamanism, and divination.



20 July: The Role of Light in Astrology – A Cosmology of Light, Vision and Reflection

A Virtual Talk with Michael Ofek

Michael Ofek
Michael Ofek

In this lecture Michael will share the fruits of his longtime research into the cosmological structure of astrology based on the principle of light. Ancient astrology has a rich tapestry of concepts revolving around light, characterizing astrological dynamics in terms of relationships of light and dark, vision and reflection, with many elements defined and measured by their differing quality and magnitude of light. The lecture will explore the primary role of light, philosophically and practically, and show how it’s embedded in astrological symbolism, and how to interpret it through the many layers of chart delineation.


Michael Ofek is a professional neo-traditional astrologer, philosopher, astral magician, and shamanic practitioner from Israel. He has been practicing astrology and magic for more then two decades, avidly researching all branches of the ancient tradition, with an emphasis on Hellenistic astrology and its connection with Greco-Egyptian cosmology, philosophy, theurgy, and magic. His passion lies in unveiling and reconstructing the conceptual  roots of the tradition, and the practical re-figuring of these ancient arts. Michael is an international speaker, and gives workshops and lectures worldwide, including magical retreats. He is the co-founder of the Israeli professional astrology magazine “Urania”, which also produces yearly conferences and workshops.

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