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tad mann in brighton 2016

Evening Lecture 6 Jan 2016 with Tad Mann: Life Time Astrology: Who initiated your conception?

In this lecture Tad Mann explains how the essential events and psychological developments of your life begin at conception, when your mother and father make love to conceive you, at the 9th cusp of your chart.

From there, life is a process in time.

Who initiated your conception?

You can find out by analyzing your chart. Gestation influences are deeply buried, and our Birth (ASC) is the core of our personality, with aspecting planets being sub-personalities.

Then, your parents’ early relationship, sexuality and the family system into which you are born are primary factors in your personality that shape who you are and are the foundation upon which all predictive astrology rests.

Discover the dynamics of your early family life in the horoscope, and learn how to date these influences on sight throughout your life.

The sequence of important events is dated using a transparent time scale and the physical and psychological interpretation of those events is “Your Story.”

Bring your chart!
(NB. Tad Mann uses the Placidus house system)


The space is limited to 25 places and is £10 for members and non-members, so first come first served to secure your place.

Due to his popularity, you will not admitted on the night unless you have booked.

Please pay with Paypal with either your credit card or a cheque.



Arrive at 7.30 pm for a prompt 7.45 pm start until 9.15 pm.


Loft Room, Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove BN3 2FL.

Saturday Workshop 9 JAN 2016 with Tad Mann:
Why Time Flies — Using Life Time Astrology

lifetime astrology tad mannWe often ignore the fact that our life begins at conception. During Gestation we are imprinted with our genetic inheritance while inside our mother. From conception, the events and psychological developments of our life unfold in a logarithmic sequence around the horoscope circle from conception to old age.

The earlier they occur, the more energy they carry.

What seems chaotic carries an order that unfolds in time, so learn how to utilize this process.

As we age, time passes faster and faster and you can experience this as you age. Learn why time flies, and how to decode your earliest important influences in your horoscope as they directly affect your creativity, sexuality and relationships for the rest of your life, including the present.

Every participant will receive a chart and list of Life Time dates, so include birth information when you sign up to attend.


The space is limited to 35 places and is £45 , so first come first served to secure your place.

Due to his popularity, you will not be admitted on the day unless you have booked!

Please pay with Paypal with your credit card or cheque.



9.30am for a 10am prompt start until 4pm. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be supplied.

VENUE for Workshop

Brunswick Room, Cornerstone Community Centre, Hove BN3 2FL.

Private Lifetime Readings

Tad Mann will be available in Brighton on Thursday January 7th and Friday January 8th.

Email him to book. Send your chart data in advance to

tad mann
Tad Mann


A.T. Mann (Tad) is an astrologer, author, painter, architect and designer. He lived in the UK for 18 years.

Tad was nominated for a Regulus Award, astrology’s highest honor. Some of his books include The Round Art: The Astrology of Time and Space, The Divine Life: Astrology and Reincarnation, Astrology and the Art of Healing, A New Vision of Astrology, The Mandala Astrological Tarot, Sacred Architecture, Sacred Landscapes and The Sacred Language of Trees.

Tad lectures and teaches internationally and is available for consultations. He lives in Hudson, NY.

See and contact him at

For a taste of this extraordinary teacher watch him on YouTube.