3 November: The Yogas of Vedic Astrology: Special Planetary Combinations

Brighton Astrology Circle would like to invite you to join us on 3 November 2021 for: “The Yogas of Vedic Astrology: Special Planetary Combinations” Virtual Astrology Talk via Zoom.

A Virtual Talk with Richard Fidler

Richard Fidler
Richard Fidler

One of the most intriguing and useful features of Jyotish is its vast canon of ‘Yogas’ and associated aphorisms. The word ‘yoga’ essentially means to join or unite, and here can be translated as an astrological combination or ‘union of factors’ with specific implications. The Yogas of Jyotish are the fruit of centuries of observation, codified into a rich body of lore regarding the effects of several hundreds of possible permutations of the heavens. Even if you’re not particularly interested in studying Vedic astrology, the core rules and principles of Western and Vedic astrology are so similar that in many instances the logic behind these Yogas can offer Western astrologers valuable food for thought.

Richard Fidler is a professional astrologer and teacher with more than 30 years of experience in the field. He has served the as the chairperson of the Cape Town based Cape Astrology Association, and has contributed as both a speaker and organizer at several international astrology conferences. His work has been published in journals such as the Mountain Astrologer Magazine, the Astrological Journal (UK), and several others, including political forecasts in mainstream publications such as Business Insider.

Richard’s practice is an eclectic combination of Western and Vedic astrology. He believes both systems have a lot to teach each other, and so he regularly shares insights from Vedic astrology with Westerners, and effective techniques of Western astrology in India. Richard was recently appointed ISAR’s Global Director for the UK. He currently resides in Oxfordshire.


Date: Wednesday 3 November 2021

Virtual Venue: We will email you the Zoom joining link on the day of the talk. For security reasons, you need to have a Zoom account and be signed in to join the meeting.

Time: 7.15pm start until 8.45pm (GMT). The virtual doors will open at 7.00pm. You can join and wait in the “waiting room” whilst we’re getting ready.  This talk will be recorded and anyone registering will get access to the recording after the event. This means you will be able to see the talk even if you can’t attend the live event.

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