2015 Spring Term Astrology Talks in Brighton

January 7th  ‘Chart Imbalances Explored and Explained’

Sue Merlyn FarebrotherA Talk by Sue Merlyn Farebrother DFAstrolS, MA

Sue will be discussing missing elements, unaspected planets, chart shapes and other often overlooked features in natal charts.

Sue has been practising as a professional astrologer, as a tarot consultant, and as a teacher for twenty-five years. Her teaching of astrology and tarot is at both beginners (Foundation) and at advanced level, and she has taught both privately and at local authority colleges. In more recent years she has also been lecturing to groups on specific areas of my subjects, or giving introductory talks on one or both subjects. Her website is www.suemerlyn.com

January 21st ‘Venus and The Goddess- The Gates of Initiation’

Pam Carruthers

A Talk by Pam Carruthers

Pam will look at the Venus Synodic Cycle and its connection with the myth of Inanna, the Queen of Heaven. Inanna descends to the Underworld and at 7 gates is stripped of her power and killed.

We can associate the conjunctions Venus makes each month with the Moon, with the 7 gates (or chakras) that Inanna passes through. The first corresponds to the crown chakra (she gives up her crown) and the last to the root, or sacral chakra (she gives up her life).

Venus is now transformed from her initiation with the Sun last year, and sets as an Evening Star. Over the next months she meets with the waxing Moon returning through the seven ‘gates’ in the reverse order as she regains her vestments and symbols of power.

January 22nd is The Gate of Creativity, the second ‘Gate’ when Venus joins the Moon at 23 degrees Aquarius at 1.45 am GMT. This is The Gate of Creativity.

Discover what this Venus synodic cycle means in your life, so bring your chart along.

Pam Carruthers is a qualified professional Vedic and Western astrologer. She works from a spiritual perspective and is a student of A Course in Miracles. An experienced Life Coach and Trainer, Pam helps clients discover the hidden patterns that are holding them back in their lives. A consultation with her is a life enhancing and healing experience.

She facilitates a unique transformational workshop ‘Healing your Birth Story’ based on your birthchart.

Based in Hove Pam has an international clientele. Subscribe for her free YouTube videos on astrology. Contact her via her website www.healingstars.com

February 4th Election 2015 UK

neil-spencerA Talk by Neil Spencer

Neil Spencer looks at the prospects and horoscopes of the political leaders and parties vying for election on May 7th, along with the various ‘birth charts’ for the United – or should that be Disunited – Kingdom.

Neil Spencer is a journalist, writer and broadcaster. His career goes back to his time on NME during the paper’s halcyon years in the Seventies and Eighties. His work has appeared in numerous magazines, including The Independent, Mojo, Uncut and Elle.

He has worked for The Observer for many years, writing about music and popular culture, and for several years wrote a weekly horoscope column for the title.

He is the author of True As the Stars Above, Adventures in Modern Astrology (Gollancz 2000). Subscribe via his website for free monthly forecasts and an annual report ‘Your Stars 2015‘ now available to buy.


February 18th: Creativity in the Chart

JakiA Talk by Jaki Miles-Windmill

A look at the potential creativity innate in the birth chart and the nature of its manifestation in expression. The lecture will include some examples of contemporary and historical ‘Creatives’.

Jaki Miles-Windmill is a Diploma holder from 1998. She writes, teaches and runs Astrological and shamanic workshops and works astrologically on the phone and on Skype. In particular,she lectures on Sex and Creativity in the Chart and offers Astro/Drama workshops (particularly Moon, Neptune and Saturn).  She has taught Mundane Astrology for the Faculty of Astrology. She works with the Circle of Astrologers at Glastonbury every year.

She’s particularly interested in unused and innate potential in the Birth Chart and often combines Shamanic and Astrological principles in consultation whilst practicing both independently. She offers individual journeying and soul retrieval techniques and shamanic workshops. See https://astroshamanics.wordpress.com

March 4th: Ceres: Pluto’s Mother-in-Law

Faye CossarA Talk by Faye Cossar

Now Ceres is on an equal footing with Pluto, should we use her in our work?
Faye will look at the astronomy, history and the myth of Ceres and her relationship with Pluto. By presenting case studies showing Ceres in mundane and individual work, she suggests meaning and themes that can be given to this archetype. What is coming into consciousness and how can we (also as astrologers) make use of her energies in today’s world?

Faye Cossar has over 25 years experience as an astrologer and therapist in private practice and business. Her approach is psychological, with a practical, result-oriented focus. Faye studied in New Zealand (her native land), England, Switzerland and the Netherlands, where she now lives and runs The Amsterdam School of Astrology.

She completed her Inner Child Therapy Integrative training in the Netherlands in 1998 and in 2004 completed an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at Bath Spa University. She lectures and teaches regularly in the Netherlands and London and has lectured in the other European cities, as well as in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Her book: “Using Astrology to Create a Vocational Profile: Finding the Right Career Direction” was published in May 2012. The book “From Here to There” contains a chapter on her work in business using astrolocality.

Her website www.juxtaposition.nl shows her work within her company. For more information on her private practice see www.fayecossar.com

Astrology Day March 7th Venus and Mars: The Lovers

 Full information and how to book see this page >

18th March: Dante Gabriel Rossetti- A tale of love, passion and tragedy

Christine ChalklinA Talk by Christine Chalklin

In 1848 with the newly discovered Neptune in Pisces, a creative bohemian group called the Pre-Raphaelite brotherhood was formed. In this talk we will examine how the obsessive artist and poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s life intertwines firstly with his stunning but tragic ‘super model’ mistress then wife Elizabeth Siddal.  Then the drama moves on to include the radical Victorian designer, craftsman and campaigner William Morris and his wife (also Rossetti’s mistress) the tall, dark beauty Jane Burden.

Christine Chalklin – Astrologer and Motivational Coach

Christine is a professional astrologer and Motivational coach with an international client base. She offers astrology, motivational coaching, Tarot, Bach flower essence therapy and business development consultations. She provides self-development and confidence coaching using the birth chart as a framework. Christine is a tutor for the Mayo school of Astrology and a council member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain. For more information please visit www.RestyleYourLife.co.uk

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