Summer Term Talks 2015

April 15th

Phoebe Wyss
Phoebe Wyss

‘Rectification’: A talk by Phoebe Wyss

What can be done by an astrologer if the birth time is unknown and there’s no way of finding it out? Phoebe has counselled many clients in this predicament over the years, and has developed a strategy. Using the chart of the cosmologist and enemy of astrology Stephen Hawking as her example, she will demonstrate the method she uses to find a birth time that is feasible.

Phoebe Wyss is a Hove astrologer with 35 years experience in giving consultations, courses and workshops. She founded our astrology circle in 2005. An experienced speaker, she’s also published an astrology board game, two books on the astrological archetypes and her latest book on archetypal astrology and cosmology – Inside the Cosmic Mind – appeared last autumn (see

6th May

Julian Venables
Julian Venables

William Lilly and astrology in 17th century London: A Talk by Julian Venables

Julian Venables talks about what inspired him to write his novel ‘The Astrologers Apprentice’ (available on Amazon Kindle) which is set in London in 1665/1666 and stars William Lilly, who was called The English Merlin. We will be looking at Lilly’s natal chart as well as the chart for his accurate prediction of the Great Fire of London. Let Julian encourage you to step into a time machine for a look back at life in London before the Great Fire, when everybody knew at least a little bit of astrology.

Julian Venables is a Hove astrologer with a Faculty Diploma. He writes daily horoscopes on and has just published his first novel ‘The Astrologer’s Apprentice’. His website is

20th May

Jez Hughes
Jez Hughes

Uranus- Pluto- The Aftershock: A Talk by Jez Hughes

Having completed their 7 direct hits, Uranus and Pluto remain in orb.  So what have we learned from the period of direct confrontation between these astrological big guns?  Was it how us astrologers romantically imagined it for years before as a return to that golden age of alternative culture, the 60’s?  Or was it more like the last square in the 30’s?  How has it been it’s own unique transit and more importantly how will its legacy affect us going forward?  All these questions and a lot more we will explore in this lively talk.

Jez Hughes is an astrologer and shaman, working at both full time.  His work has featured in the national press and on BBC radio and his new book The Heart of Life is published by Moon books later this year.  His passion is bringing astrology to life through an interaction and relationship with its ‘spirit’.

3rd June

Karen L French
Karen L French

Sacred Geometry and Your Reality: A Talk by Karen L. French

Without geometry there would be no time, no space, no possibility of your existence. Not only your physical lives, but also your thoughts, actions and creativity rely on geometry. This talk is about the meaning and purpose of 5 critical, yet simple geometric shapes and principles that are fundamental to the construction of reality and that combine to make a universal model called the Gateway to the Heavens. Hear why they have been used down the centuries as potent symbols and tools across all cultures, particularly when used with sacred intent. It is knowledge that will change the way you look at your environment and your place within it. No complex mathematics is included or needed to understand this presentation and we will be doing a few very simple exercises to really appreciate the dynamics of the topics covered.

Karen L French is an International author and artist known for her books, Gateway to the Heavens and The Hidden Geometry of Life. Her passions are symbolism and sacred geometry from a multi-disciplinary perspective. She looks at the science behind numbers, shapes, colours, and their roles in forming reality as well as their use as symbols and tools in the Arts and in spirituality. Numerate and creative, Karen has a joint Honours Degree and MSc in Mathematics and Management Sciences.See

13th June Astrology Day

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17th June

Kim Farnell

‘William Ramesay’: A Talk by Kim Farnell

Astrologia Restaurata (Astrology Restored) was originally published in 1653. Its 576 pages is divided into four books. The first is Ramesey’s proof of the validity of astrology; the second a basic astrological guide; the third a through explanation of electional astrology; and the fourth discusses mundane astrology.

Last year Kim published her fully annotated version of William Ramesey’s “Astrology Restored”.

Ramesey was an astrological contemporary of William Lilly’s in 17th century London and his book is particularly noted for its instruction on Electional Astrology, and predicting the Weather. A fascinating talk for anyone with an interest in traditional astrology and historical British 17th century astrology.

Kim Farnell is a published author, columnist, and editor with the Faculty diploma who is currently the President of the Astrological Lodge of London. Her website is

1st July

Tim Burness
Tim Burness

‘The Astrology of Rock and Pop Musicians’ : A Talk by Tim Burness

From Ed Sheeran to Elvis, David Bowie to The Beatles… a colourful astrological look at a wide range of rock and pop musicians from the last 50 years. Topics will include the Pluto in Leo and Neptune in Libra generation (born early 1940s to late 1950s), the prominence of close Neptune and Pluto aspects in the charts of many successful musicians, and whether or not rock and pop music – as we know it – has had its day.

Tim Burness has run a busy astrological consultation and teaching practice at several points over the last 25 years, working with people from all walks of life. He has been featured in The Independent newspaper and on local radio stations. Tim is interested in raising the profile of accessible and intelligent astrology as a tool for self-awareness and healing. He lives in Brighton and is also a musician and care worker. There is a popular Cheeky Horoscopes page at, and a number of more serious articles on his blog at

15th July

‘Chakras, Jyotish & Divine Hindu Cosmology’: A Talk by Sonal Sachdeva

Sonal Sachdeva

Heisenberg, Niel Bohr, Schrodinger, Fermi, Planck to name but a few giants of Quantum mechanics, forming much of science today. Yet it has underpinned the Hindu divine cosmology for thousands of years. So how did the ancient sages/seers came about this knowledge that has taken science to arrive at just in last century?

We discover the world of Vedas or Vedanta, earliest known literature of Indo-Aryan civilisation that hails from ancient India. Composed in Sanskrit, its origins are apaurueya meaning ‘not of human agency’. While this might seem extraordinary, you should be aware that this knowledge was originally imparted aurally from the cosmos. The ancient seers ‘heard’ this divine cosmic knowledge by activating deep spiritual centres, chakras, of the body. Thus we find that how Hindu divine cosmological world view with its multi-universes to the cycle of life, death and rebirth, has had a fundamental influence in all existing cosmologies and world religions.

 Sonal Sachdeva is a film-maker, new media enthusiast and an astrologer who studied under Liz Greene at the CPA. Her films deal with social issues, the environment, and the ways people from different cultures live, think and feel. In 2010 she founded a group Circle of Divine Astrology, which holds events, discussions, talks and multimedia projects in London. Circle of Divine Video project online has been first of its kind to document interviews with astrologers and from practitioners of alternative healing arts from all around the world. A couple of years ago, Circle of Divine Astro Essences were launched. They are 100 percent pure oil blends for nourishing the skin and promoting emotional well-being. Each of the 12 oil blends are hand-made according to the placement of Sun, Moon or Ascendant.